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Electronic health record (EHR)

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  Electronic health record (EHR) systems are an electronic system designed to store and manage patient information within a healthcare organization. EHR systems contain patient data such as demographics, medical history, medications, laboratory test results, imaging results, and other health care related information.

  EHR systems provide a digital way to store patient data and enable clinicians to access patient records quickly and easily. In addition, they can allow patients to view and manage their own health information, enabling them to take charge of their own health care. Additionally, EHR systems have the potential to improve patient safety, efficiency and quality of care by providing a real-time view into the patient’s history and current health status to clinicians who can make better treatment decisions.

  Furthermore, EHR systems can facilitate communication between clinicians, enabling them to securely share patient information with one another. They can also help improve administrative processes, such as billing and revenue cycle management, as well as data analysis.

  Despite these potential benefits, EHR systems come with their own set of challenges. For example, they can be expensive to implement and maintain, and there are concerns about data security and privacy. Additionally, they can require significant training and adaptation before they can be used effectively.

  Despite these challenges, the potential benefits of EHR systems make them an attractive option for many healthcare organizations. As technology continues to improve, EHR systems are likely to become even more widespread, enabling healthcare providers to provide better care to their patients.

电子病历(Electronic Health Records

  电子病历(Electronic Health Records, EHR)是一种把病人的医疗记录,包括病历、药物治疗历史、实验室报告、电子信息等,存储在电子文件中的系统。EHR系统提供了一个统一的平台,可以使医院、护理室、实验室、药房、临床人员等多方有效地共享信息,更有效地识别、存储、管理和共享临床医疗数据,进而提高病人的医疗质量。


  1. 安装并配置EHR系统:在医院安装和配置EHR系统,以便更好地存储和管理病人的医疗记录。

  2. 建立和上传病历:由临床人员使用EHR系统给患者创建病历,或者从其他系统导入病历。

  3. 共享临床数据:此处包括共享检查结果、医学影像、报告等等,方便医院内外多方快速交流。

  4. 存储和管理病人记录:存储每个患者的信息,包括个人信息、医疗记录、诊断报告、实验室结果等。

  5. 提供查询和分析功能:EHR系统提供查询和分析功能,可以帮助医生快速辨别病人的病情和实现病情的变化趋势。

  6. 实时报告:EHR系统可以实时反馈相关报告,便于医生和病人更快地掌握病情变化。

  EHR系统是一项重要的医疗信息管理工具,它具有记录和存储病人医疗记录、提高疾病识别能力、提高医疗效率等多种优势,有助于提高医疗质量、改善医疗体验。 EHR系统,以一种简单而有效的方式,帮助医生、护士和患者获得更好的医疗照顾。





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